Trade Tools & Forms

Please find below various documents and forms available for download by Tradewise customers:

ING – 07/06/21 – “5 reasons global shipping costs will continue to rise”
AFR 12/08/21 – “Unprecedented times’ for ocean freight as fees soar”
Hamburg Sud – Southern China Port Update – June 21
Patrick Weight Amendment Fee
Asbestos Tariff Headings-Descriptions
Asbestos Free Declaration
ACN 2016/30 Asbestos Assurances
Verified Gross Mass Declaration
Verified Gross Mass Industry FAQs
IMO Guidelines – Verified Gross Mass
ChAFTA User Guide
Patrick Terminals Media Release
AFR – Port strikes threaten to cripple Christmas
BMSB Season 2021 / 2022
Annual Packing Declaration
Packing Declaration – Updated NOV 17
ISPM15 Compliant Mark
Incoterms – Quick Reference Guide
Container Specifications
Shipper’s Letter of Instructions (SLI)
Credit Card Authorisation Form
Tradewise Trading Terms & Conditions
Letter of Authority